Abstract Submission
Submission Guidelines: Abstracts may be submitted directly online; however, we highly recommend that you prepare the abstract in a word processing application and use the cut-and-paste method. Using word processing tools, ensure that word or character counts match those identified in the abstract submission - 450 words for the abstract and 25 words for the title. Abstracts must be written in English. Please remember to spell check your abstract before submitting. Graphs, tables, and other supporting documents are not permitted.

*If you are unable to submit your abstract online, you may forward your abstract to Kristin Casanas via email at k_casanas@team-psa.com.

Abstract Submission Deadline: The Call for Abstracts deadline is Tuesday, November 22, 2011.

Confirmation: Submitters will be notified of abstract acceptance or rejection by Friday, December 9, 2011. If the abstract is accepted, the submitter will receive a request to confirm availability to attend the meeting and make the presentation. Later communication will provide instructions on the presentation format, date, and time.

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